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Nielsen-Norman Group

The gurus of usability and user research

Inside Design

Resources, process, videos, inspiration

UX Collective

Stories on user experience, usability, and product design

Design Better

Free books, interviews with design leaders, workshops

52 Weeks of UX

UX basics explained in an easily digestable format.

Smashing Magazine

Useful & practical articles for web-designers & developers

Luke Wrobleski

Critical details and big picture behind digital product design

UX Magazine

Articles on all facets of experience design

Usability Geek

Practical insights into Usability, UX, HCI, IA

A List Apart

Exploring the design, development, and meaning of web content

UX Mastery

Helping UX professionals get started and get better

Design Kit

Design & research methods, and case studies


Insights and inspiration for the user experience community

IDEO Stories

Insights and design wisdom from IDEO

Airbnb Design

Videos, projects, & articles from Airbnb’s Creative team

Frog Design

Bold insights on design, technology, business & culture

Google Design

Case studies & guides from the Google’s Design team

Facebook Design

Stories, tools, & resources from Facebook’s Design team

IBM Design

Practices, methods, ideas, & design approach

Shopify Design

Design, UX development, content strategy, & research

SAP Design

Learn basics, skill up, & chat with SAP UX community

UX Myths

The most frequent user experience misconceptions

User Onboard

Teardowns, patterns, and analysis of onboarding experiences

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